The 7 Characters We Most Want to See Alison Interact With on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

The 7 Characters We Most Want to See Alison Interact With on Pretty Little Liars

Now that Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is officially alive on Pretty Little Liars, we can hopefully look forward to seeing her interact with all sorts of characters in the second half of Season 4 and beyond. Yeah, she's still in hiding right now, but eventually she's going to have to face the light, and we can't wait to see that happens when she does.

Obviously, we're eager to see how Ali and the four Liars react to each other now that so much has changed between them, but they're hardly the only characters who are sure to have an interesting dynamic with Rosewood's former mean girl.

So, who else do we think would be very interesting to see interact with Ali? While we'd take Ali in a scene with basically anyone at this point, here are the seven characters we most want to see engage with her.

Mona. Ali and Mona are Rosewood's two queens of mean, and their relationship is fraught with interesting tensions. From whatever went on between them prior to Ali's disappearance, to Mona's reign of terror as "A", to Ali as Red Coat, these gals have a lot to discuss, and we're sure they'd do it in suitably dramatic, snarktastic style.

Jenna. What exactly happened between Ali and Jenna in the hospital? What has Jenna been up to this whole time? Does she know or suspect that Ali is alive? Is she working against the Liars, or parallel to them? We have an unending number of questions about Rosewood's most enigmatic character, and a scene between she and Ali would surely be revealing.

Toby. Speaking of characters whose backstories with Ali are still unclear, we'd love to see Toby, who has grown so confident, come face to face with Ali again. Whatever was between them in the past was clearly twisted and difficult. Now that they're probably on the same side (assuming Ali really is on the Liars' side), we'd love to see them forced to work together.

Ezra. If Ezra is "A", we definitely want to see a showdown between he and Ali. Even if he's not, this would make for an interesting pair. Did they know each other at all? Whatever he's up to, does she know about it? What does she make of his relationship with Aria? Enquiring minds want to know.

Ms. Dilaurentis. Alison's mother is either paralyzed and mildly mad with grief, or she's up to something. Does she know her daughter's alive, or would it be a complete shock? Either way, a scene between them would be gold.

Jason. Speaking of Ali's family, we'd also like to see her with her devoted brother. Does he know the truth? If not, how will he react to finding out? We're sure the result will be emotional.

CeCe. CeCe and Ali's relationship is a neverending push-pull of pranks, secrets, and cruel tricks. Whether or not CeCe knew Ali was alive, putting them in a room together again is sure to create sparks.

Who would you most like to see Ali interact with on Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comments below!

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