7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore\'s JWOWW
7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore’s JWOWW
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Jersey Shore

7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore’s JWOWW


JWOWW is known as Jersey Shore's bustiest cast member. But while everyone knows about her sexy outfits, there's more to this guidette than big boobs and being Snooki's BFF. Want to get a better picture of JWOWW? Here are seven crazy facts about the star.

1. She's an artist. And a talented one, at that. Check out her portfolio!

2. She has two degrees. JWOWW graduated with a degree in graphic design from New York Institute of Technology and holds another bachelor’s degree in computer programming. Impressive!

3. She owned her own business. JWOWW was always a go-getter. Before Jersey Shore, she owned a graphic design business and started a club promotion business.

4. She was also a VP. JWOWW also held the position of Vice President of Marketing for social networking site IgnitionNation.com.

5. She's not Italian. Does the name Jenni Farley really sound Italian to you? She's actually half Irish, half Spanish, but 100% guidette in spirit.

6. She loves Honey Boo Boo. JWOWW says she's "obsessed" with Honey Boo Boo, and thinks Honey Boo Boo and her family are actually similar to the Jersey Shore kids.

7. She has terrible stage fright. Despite living her life on the big stage, JWOWW actually has intense stage fright when it comes to talking in front of a large audience.

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