Game of Thrones’ 7 Most Horrific Scenes
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ 7 Most Horrific Scenes

With Halloween upon us, we thought it would be a good time to go through the most terrifying scenes from our favorite epic fantasy, Game of Thrones. The show has never been one to shy away from terror and gore, so let’s have a look at the worst offenders to date.

Ned Stark’s beheading. In a way, it’s the scene that started it all. The show’s first season lead is dishonorably killed, but only after ruining his reputation, and oh yeah, it’s done as his two young daughters look on. Pretty awful.

Craster’s sacrifice. Any scene involving Craster is pretty stomach-turning. The guy has sex with his daughters, who in turn have more daughters, whom he’ll then have sex with. He's probably the shows most disgusting character. Taking it even further though, we witness why Craster doesn’t have any sons when he sacrifices his newborn son to the show’s scariest creatures, the white walkers. Seeing that white walker pick up the baby in the woods to do God-knows-what to it? Chills.

Crown for a king. In what is probably the show’s most gruesome death so far, Dany’s dick of a brother Viserys is killed by her husband Khal Drogo in a most-royal fashion. Viserys believed himself to be a king, and kings need crowns, right? So why not give him a crown of molten gold? That’s Drogo’s rationale anyway, as we see Viserys’s face melting off before he hits the ground; crown first.

Joffrey’s sex-ed. Joffrey’s done a lot of deplorable things, but his most horrible has to be his interactions with two ladies of the night. Littlefinger thought that maybe Joff needed to let off a little steam, so he sends him a couple girls to entertain him. Unfortunately for the girls, Joff’s idea of entertainment involves brutal beatings under the threat of a crossbow. Maladjusted, much?

Our blades are sharp. Practically any scene involving Ramsay Bolton’s adventures with Theon from Season 3 could make this list, but we think the worst on-screen moment has to be the flaying of Theon’s pinky. How could we not squirm seeing the skin peeled from Theon’s pinky as he screamed for the finger to be cut off? We’re not even sure that Joffrey himself could bring himself to do the things Ramsay is capable of.

Shadow baby. We knew right off the bat that Melisandre was a creepy character, but we didn’t know how creepy until we saw her all naked and pregnant with a shadowy demon clawing its way out of her lady bits. It was almost as terrifying as watching an actual live birth.

The Red Wedding. We all know weddings can be nerve-wracking affairs for all involved, but most of the time, the guests survive the ceremony. Not so during the Red Wedding, when everyone we care about is murdered at once. King of the North? Insult him before shooting and stabbing him. His pregnant wife? Stab her repeatedly in the womb, just to be sure. His mother? Slit her throat. The Red Wedding was so horrible, we’re afraid Walder Frey’s going to be in our nightmares for the rest of our lives. Can’t we just go back to dreaming about Daenerys, please?

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