Pretty Little Liars: 7 Reasons Caleb Rivers Is the Best Boyfriend Ever
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: 7 Reasons Caleb Rivers Is the Best Boyfriend Ever

We’ve always thought Pretty Little LiarsCaleb (Tyler Blackburn) is a catch, but he’s seriously stepped up his campaign for television’s best boyfriend in Season 4. We’re seriously going to miss him in Rosewood when he makes the move to Ravenswood. Even with his impending abandonment, here are seven reasons Caleb is the Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

He’s friends with Hanna’s friends.

One of the things we love most about Caleb is that he isn’t just there for Hanna he’s there for all of the Liars. Even when he and Hanna aren’t together, he is ready and willing to help the Liars work through their “A” issues. We love the scenes that see Caleb interacting with one of the other Liars. He’s one of the gang!

He tried to sell his car for Ashley Marin’s bail money.

One of our favorite Caleb moves was a throwaway line Hanna gave in Season 4, Episode 9 (“Into the Deep”) about an action that happened off-screen. Caleb has made some pretty selfless moves, but offering to sell his car for Ashley Marin’s bail money (even when the proceeds from the sale would be nowhere near enough) was pretty heart-melting.

He never gives up on Hanna.

It hasn’t always been smooth-sailing for Haleb. In Season 1, they break up when Hanna discovers Caleb was initially hired by Jenna to spy on her. Later, they break up because Hanna won’t be honest about “A” because she’s trying to protect Caleb. But every time they hit a rough patch, Caleb refuses to give up on Hanna. Basically, he’s the best boyfriend ever even when he’s not technically Hanna’s boyfriend.

He takes cooking class with Hanna.

Not many high school boyfriends would agree to take cooking classes together, but that’s exactly what Caleb does in-between Season 2 and Season 3. In the Season 3 premiere, we even the two discuss buying supplies for their next cooking adventure. Adorable.

His computer password is the date Haleb first had sex.

Caleb is always on his computer hacking for money or in the pursuit of “A.” This makes his password uber important. In Season 2, Episode 20: “CTRL: A,” we find out that Caleb’s p-word is a reference to the date he and Hanna first had sex. The night obviously meant as much to Caleb as it did to Hanna.

He hates her step-sister.

In a show of solidarity, Caleb hates Hanna’s evil step-sister Kate because Hanna hates her. In Season 2, Kate comes onto Caleb at her mother’s wedding to Hanna’s dad, even though she knows Caleb is Hanna’s boyfriend (and one true love). Caleb’s reaction? To comment on Kate’s back fat (drawing on Hanna’s earlier ramblings on the subject). Not only does this show that Caleb is uber loyal to Hanna, but also that he always listens to her even when she’s sniping about back fat.

He’s her Romeo.

Who are we to argue with a love story that has stayed relevant for hundreds of years (though, hopefully, Haleb’s story ends differently)? In the Season 2 finale, Caleb surprises Hanna by showing up at the masquerade ball dressed as Romeo to her Juliet. It is one of our favorite Haleb moments, just one example of the many things Caleb has done to make Hanna’s life happier (and prove he is the best boyfriend ever). Swoon.

Do you think Caleb is the best boyfriend ever? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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