The 7 Best Game of Thrones Theme Remixes and Covers (VIDEOS)
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Game of Thrones

The 7 Best Game of Thrones Theme Remixes and Covers (VIDEOS)

Game of Thrones has a pretty epic theme song. So epic, in fact, that it recently made headlines when the Queens Guard of Britain covered the song in front of Buckingham Palace. But the protectors of the British royal family are hardly the first to put their own spin on the song. Here are some of our favorite versions.

Jason Yang Violin

If you’re into hauntingly beautiful renditions (and why wouldn’t you be?) give this one a listen. Just close your eyes and let it wash over you. Go on, it’s ok.

Sung By a Cat

For something just a little on the lighter side, we give you this inspired edition by YouTube user Herbert Costa. Just try and not laugh when that second cat joins in.

Smooth Version

For this version by a jazz quartet featuring Dave Koz, we recommend slipping into something a little more comfortable and pouring yourself a nice glass of wine. Things are about to get steamy.

Video Game Style

Anyone born in the '80s is pretty much guaranteed to go nostalgia-crazy with this mashup that blends the theme song with Super Mario Bros-style sound effects. If you concentrate real hard you can almost see a pixelated Jon Snow jumping on the heads of Wildlings!

Hip Hop Remix

This rap version Dominik Omega and the Arcitype is intense. It’s NSFW, sure, but we were actually referring to the deep knowledge of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series these guys are spittin’. They even call out some prophecies not yet mentioned in the show, so listen at your own risk if you haven’t read the books.

New Orleans Style

We never thought the Game of Thrones theme would make us want to get up and dance, but the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys proved us wrong.

Bonus: The Dragon’s Daughter

This remix from Melody Sheep doesn’t actually use the theme song, but it is awesome, so we’re including it. The song autotunes dialogue from the show (most notably Dany’s “Dragon’s Daughter” speech from season 1) and mixes it with original music, and the result will be stuck in your head for days. We’re not kidding, days!

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