7 Things We Want to Happen on Secret Life in 2012!
Credit: ABC Family    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

7 Things We Want to Happen on Secret Life in 2012!

With all the drama that went down during the first half of Secret Life Season 4, it’s hard to imagine how it will be topped in 2012! Actually, never mind — this is Grant High we’re talking about.

Bring on the breakups, makeups, bitch fights, cat fights, churro jags, and of course surprise pregnancies. Check out seven things we can’t wait to see happen when new episodes return March 26!

1. Ricky + Amy wedding bells! Ricky and Amy’s off-white wedding is going to be an affair to remember! We can’t wait to see what Amy wears, but anything will be better than the rainbow scarf she rocked during her marriage to Ben. And hopefully Ricky won’t give a speech about his traumatic childhood during the wedding ceremony, because we seriously can’t sit through another one of those.

2. A surprise pregnancy! More couples had sex during the Secret Life finale that we can count, and there’s no way everyone remembered to dip into Jesse’s bowl of condoms. Which unlucky lady preggo’d their eggo — and more importantly, did Jack just accidentally spread his STI to everyone on campus?

3. A Jack and Grace reunion! We’ve been waiting years for Jack and Grace to get over that whole “our sex kills people” thing and get back together, and their sweet and simple kiss at the end of the Season 4 finale gave us a glimmer of hope. Will Grace finally realize that Jack is the perfect man? (Minus the fact that he just sexed up Daniel’s ex.)

7 Things We Want to Happen on Secret Life in 2012!
Credit: ABC Family    

4. A new love triangle (or three)! The Secret Life mid-season finale set us up for a handful of new love triangles: Jack, Grace, and That’s So Raven; Lauren, Madison and Jesse; Dylan, Ben and Adrian; and, of course, Ricky, Amy and Baby John.

5. More Ethan! Ricky’s foster bro from another ho was seriously hunky! Too bad he got sent to juvie for circulating pornographic photos of his underage girlfriend … awkward. Will this heartthrob make his triumphant return during he second half of Season 4? Prepare your ovaries, ladies!

6. Shirtless Ricky! What happened to the good ol’ days of Ricky wandering around shirtless for no apparent reason? This season was tragically lacking in the ab-flash department, so hopefully the Secret Life writers will get their heads back in the game in 2012. We need some six-pack action, and we need it now!

7. A hot n’ heavy make out sesh! Secret Life might be all about sex, but for a show with such scandalous content, it hardly features any hanky panky! We’re lucky if we get a glimpse of Ricky and Amy kissing. Obviously, Secret Life can’t show sex scenes, but how about a little over-the-shirt action?

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