7 Things You Need To Know About The Secret Circle\'s J.R. Bourne!
7 Things You Need To Know About The Secret Circle’s J.R. Bourne!
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The Secret Circle

7 Things You Need To Know About The Secret Circle’s J.R. Bourne!


We’re mighty intrigued by the newest middle-aged man candy to hit up Chance Harbor. Who is this grizzly witch hunter, and how did he get so hunky? Check out 7 things you need to know about J.R. Bourne, the man behind Isaac:

1. He Stars On Teen Wolf! J.R. got his start murdering supernaturals as Grant Argent, The Werewolf Slayer on Teen Wolf. We sense a theme here.

2. He’s a Canuck! J.R. hails from Canada, where The Secret Circle is currently being filmed! Betcha didn’t know that, eh?

3. He’s an award winner! J.R. won a Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor in On The Corner. Before we know it, he’ll be picking up awards in the US of A!

4. You can follow him on Twitter! The old folks know how to use Twitter too, and you can follow J.R. @iamjrbourne. He tweets up a storm, and even posted an adorable on set pic of himself with Brit Robertson!

5. His real name is David! Curiously, J.R.’s parents didn’t actually name him after two random letters of the alphabet. He was born David Bourne Jr, and we assume he changed his name to J.R. somewhere between morphing from a stud into a bad boy.

6. He was on Stargate SG-1! J.R. is probably best known for playing Martouf on Stargate – the host of Lantish and a Tok’r. Don’t worry, we have no idea what that means either.

7. He’s a taken man! Are you already in love with J.R.’s piercing blue eyes and 5 o’clock shadow? Don’t get your hopes up, because J.R. is happily married and has an adorable fluffy dog named Bonnie.

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