7-Year-Old Boy Busted for Bringing His Grandmother’s Heroin to School
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7-Year-Old Boy Busted for Bringing His Grandmother’s Heroin to School

A first grader at Caln Elementary in Pennsylvania had very special item for show-and-tell last Friday. It seems he brought a large stash of heroin to school. In an even more shocking twist, it turns out the drugs belonged to his grandmother!

According to the Daily Mail, grandmother Pauline Bilinski-Munion was arrested after nine packets of heroin that were discovered in her grandson’s pants and bag in class. She told police that she’d “lost track” of the drugs while she was babysitting her grandson and a one-year-old the night before.

The heroin was found in packets stamped “Victoria’s Secret.” When discovered by the boy’s teacher, he initially said that he’d found the drugs out on the playground, then admitted that he discovered them near the washing machine in his family’s home.

Prosecutors are angry that local authorities were not contacted by the school immediately after the drugs were found. Tom Hogan, Chester County District Attorney, said, “The school district didn’t call 911. Didn’t call the DA’s office. Did not freeze all the kids in place. Did not call emergency personnel to see if the kids were okay.”

The school however did send a letter home to parents and issued the following statement:

“Caln Elementary School administrators contacted the Coatesville Area School District Police Department within minutes of discovering an unknown substance within the possession of one of its students. The Coatesville Area School District Police Department immediately contacted Caln Township, Coatesville city and South Coatesville Police Departments.”

On Saturday police acted on a search warrant and inspected the family home. There they found several other bags of drugs, as well as an empty heroin packet in a pair of children’s shorts.

Bilinski-Munion is facing child endangerment and felony drug charges and is being held in Chester County Prison after failing to post bail.

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Source: Daily Mail

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