The Vampire Diaries: 8 Best Stelena Moments
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: 8 Best Stelena Moments

We have a feeling that next week’s installment of The Vampire Diaries (Season 5, Episode 4: “For Whom The Bell Tolls”) is going to make us a bit nostalgic for TVD seasons past and the Stelena romance that started it all. Even if we’re totally loving the Delena thing happening in Season 5, that doesn’t mean we can’t remember the passionate love affair between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) fondly. Here are eight of our favorite Stelena moments of all time (there are far too many to choose from!).

First kiss whilst comet-watching

First season Stelena was oh-so-sweet. There are so many adorable early romance moments to choose from, but one of our favorite is their first kiss in "Night of the Comet." The two spend the entire day making eyes at each other before meeting up for some romantic comet-watching that ends with their first kiss. Adorable!

Stelena sleeps together

Season 1 Stelena is full of a lot of firsts, and the first time this couple sleep is one of their most epic scenes. You see, Stefan is planning on leaving Mystic Falls... until Elena tells him she loves him. He tries to turn away when his face goes into vamp mode, but she doesn’t let him, telling him, “don’t hide from me.” Their sex scene manages to be both sweet and sexy at the same time, and keeps Stefan in Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaries: 8 Best Stelena Moments
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Elena convinces Stefan to “keep fighting”

It’s tough to see Stefan or Elena miserable, but it often makes for the best scene-age. In Season 1, Episode 20, Stefan is struggling with the sins of his past. He decides he cannot go on in such misery, and chooses to remove his daylight ring and wait for the sun to rise. A desperate Elena finds him, and convinces him to “keep fighting,” though ultimately leaving him to make his own choice. He choose life, and her. Of course!

Stefan and Elena spend the day together

Convinced that it may be their last chance to spend time together with Elena as human, Stefan and Elena decide to spend a romantic day in the wilderness in Season 2, Episode 20: “The Last Day.” This whole episode is chock-full of wonderful Stelena moments, but the one in which Stefan tells Elena that “If it were my choice, I’d wanna be with you forever” and Elena admits that she really doesn’t want to be a vampire, is both heartbreaking and wonderful.

Emotionless Stefan calls Elena on her birthday

Gah! Season 3 was a torturous time for Stelena shippers. Though Stefan has turned off his emotions and is playing Klaus’ wingman, he totally still somehow manages to love Elena. He calls her on her birthday, but can’t bring himself to say anything. She knows it’s him, though, and reassures him as he silently cries on the other end: “Stefan, if this is you, you’ll be okay. I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.” Never has a one-sided conversation so choked us up.

The Vampire Diaries: 8 Best Stelena Moments
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Stefan catches Elena

Stefan “The Ripper” Salvatore may claim not to care about Elena past Klaus’ orders to protect her doppelganger blood, but when a tipsy Elena climbs over the high school bleachers’ fence and falls off, he catches her with a bit more concern than someone just doing his job. “I knew you’d catch me,” she tells him and it totally looks like they’re going to kiss - then, Alaric shoots him with some vervain darts. It’s always something!

Stefan comforts Elena after Alaric dies

When Alaric dies, Elena refuses to acknowledge the event. She sets about cleaning all of the stakes out of his classroom, but Stefan stops her. He leads her into the high school auditorium, empty, but still dressed up for the 1920s dance. He gives her the same advice that she has been giving him all season, “Our emotions are what makes us human,” and reminds her it’s okay to feel. She laments the loss of yet another person in her life, telling Stefan, “I don’t have anyone anymore.” Stefan’s predictable yet-no-less moving response: “You have me.” Elena breaks down, and Stefan hugs her in the middle of the empty auditorium.

Stefan and Elena go to prom

There have been so many excellent Stelena dance scenes over five seasons of their on-again-off-again love story, and though the one in which Stelena dances at prom may not be the happiest or even the best, it also works as a tribute to all of the Stelena dance moments that have come before. Trying to feel Elena back into her humanity, Stefan dances with Elena at her prom. He reminds her what it has always been like when they danced together - how he would put his hand on her hip, intertwine their finger, and slowly dip her. Though the scene ends with Elena walking away, we refuse to believe she was unmoved. We certainly were, remembering all of the Stelena romance that had come before.

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