9 Funniest Fan Tweets During ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 1
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America's Next Top Model

9 Funniest Fan Tweets During ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 1

Some people prefer to laugh amongst themselves during the many hilarious moments of Top Model and some prefer to do so on Twitter using the #ANTM hashtag. We thank our lucky stars that those people are Twitter-happy because we now have these nine gems to laugh about. Follow us @ANTMFansite and tweet your funny thoughts @ us during the episode!

@shutupbuck: I love the fake cheering! They have no clue who that lady is. Do they really want her jewelry? LOL #ANTM
This was during the moment in which the girls "ooooh-ed" and "aaaah-ed" Erin Wasson's appearance and "swore" they knew her from way back in the day. We wonder how many times they filmed this intro...

@angelzilla: all i see is her eyebrows!! #antm
We have to assume @angelzilla is talking about Mikaela because girl's got fierce eyebrows and the judges will no doubt mention them up to five times every episode.

@mariellexbby: "What if I can't get out of that bubble and get stuck the rest of my life?" #ANTM (You live like the bubble boy!)
Or you turn it into a fashion statement...

@britl: Interesting start to #ANTM. The photographer reminds me of a blonde Billy Ray Cyrus.
The photog in question is Russell James and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

@foomanizer: Fiercely Real... 2011 buzz word for not stick thin? 2012 will be Amazingly Actually Average or 4A for short.
Next up is Overweight But Workin' It.

@laurenkelley84: #ANTM is my version of football.
And baseball and basketball and hockey...

@kawaiitwist: Does Tyra choose her contestants based on their names? That makes two Dominique's, five Nicole's, & a whole lot of Sara(h)'s.
But we've never seen another Tyra show up. Curious...

@lowcarbpinay: watching #ANTM since when did this show turn into Fear Factor? Seriously! Bubble runway? How stupid is this????
You think the runway was stupid? Have you seen these amazingly stupid quotes in all of ANTM history yet?

@theShortJenn: #antm, i wish i could quit you. #bitchesbecrazy
Lastly, we agree. We so agree.

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02.26.2011 / 02:40 AM EDT by Kim Kaufman
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