9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars

Emily (Shay Mitchell) was acting mega-paranoid in last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. But can you really blame the girl? She has almost died a million times. For some reason, PLL seems to like almost-killing Emily the most. Here are 9 times Em almost died...

That time she was nearly carbon-monoxided in the barn

In Season 2, Episode 12, Emily is trapped inside of a barn with a car emitting an apparently deadly amount of carbon monoxide. Emily might have totally died if not for Alison’s rescue. Still, this was a close call. Em was out of it enough to assume that Ali was a hallucination. Then again, apparently that assumption doesn’t take much out-of-it-ness on this show.

9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars

That time Maya’s fake cousin kidnapped her

Emily spends an entire half-season growing closer to Maya’s “cousin,” Nate James, aka Maya’s stalker from True North. Then he lures Emily away for the weekend under the guise of spending time with Maya’s family, only to unveil his true plan: to kill Paige in front of her. She manages to lure him up a lighthouse (don’t ask), only to get into a knife fight that ends with Nate dead and Caleb shot. Yeah, things got pretty messy. Emily was lucky to escape the situation with her life.

That time she was trapped in an elevator with Jason

In Season 3, Episode 19, Emily and Jason find themselves trapped inside of an elevator with a piece of evidence “A” wants. Emily manages to make it out before the elevator plummets to the basement, but Jason isn’t so lucky. He ends up in the hospital, but it could have easily been Emily who ended up with broken bones or worse!

9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars
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That time she was nearly burnt in Thornhill Lodge

In the Season 3 finale, the Liars (sans Spencer) and Mona end up in a pickle when they concoct a scheme to catch “A” at the Thornhill Lodge. Suffice to say, “A” or someone else quickly turns the table on them. They end up trapped inside of the burning lodge. They all pass out, only to be pulled to safety by Alison. It was a very close call.

That time she was nearly hit by a car

Season 4 has been one rough ride for Emily. In the second episode of the season, she saves Mona and Aria from a speeding car and only nearly evades injury or death herself. She does manage to bust her shoulder, though, leading to the next near-miss of the season...

9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars
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That time she ran into a pool wall

Struggling to compete with an injured shoulder, Emily turns to her father’s old pain medication to stay in swimming shape. Unfortunately, she takes a little too much, becomes drowsy in the water, and swims her head right into the pool wall. It was seriously scary. Emily could have come away with much more than a concussion and a screwed-up swimming career.

That time someone drove a car into her house

Not long after the swimming pool debacle, “A” decided to kick Emily while she was down, literally driving a car into her house. Sure, it was her mother who was nearly hit, but if Emily had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Fields family could have lost a lot more than just their living room.

9 Times Emily Nearly Died on Pretty Little Liars
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That time she was nearly sawed in half in Ravenswood

Many of the instances on our list are more speculatively fatal than full-on fatal, but there was no room for error when it came to the Season 4 summer finale. When the Liars visit Ravenswood looking for “A,” Emily is snatched and put into a box. Then, that box is sent down an assembly line towards a sharp, whirring saw. Red Coat (aka Ali) stops the saw in time, but only just. This would have most definitely been the end of our Liar!

That time she was trapped in the school

It’s hard to say what exactly was “A”’s purpose in trying to break into the school room Emily had locked herself into in last week’s episode, but it didn’t look pleasant. Who knows what would have happened if Em’s dad hadn’t scaled the school wall like Spiderman to save his daughter from harm. Sigh. Emily really does have the worst luck.

Which near death experience do you think was the scariest? Are we missing any? And why does Emily seem to be the most nearly-killed of the Liars? Sound off in the comments below!

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