9-Year-Old Gives Away Autographed Football To A Boy In A Wheelchair (VIDEO)
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9-Year-Old Gives Away Autographed Football To A Boy In A Wheelchair (VIDEO)

As adults, we know that to give is to receive, but that’s a hard concept for most kids to grasp... usually. However, KHOU reports that 9-year-old Kanye Ortiz seems to already have the whole idea down pat.

Kanye is the quarterback for his football team, the South Houston Wildcats, and a huge NFL fan. He waited for hours after a recent open practice for the Houston Texans, hoping to get an autograph from the team’s star player, J.J. Watt.

The time came and Kanye got his highly anticipated autographed football. He was understandably over the moon as he walked back to his mom’s car. But that’s when he saw 15-year-old Zuriel Sanchez, who is in a wheelchair due to spina bifida. Kanye realized that Zuriel wasn’t able to fight the crowds for an autograph and that’s when he told his mom that he wanted to give his football to the boy. Kanye’s mother called it a “really proud moment,” saying that she was in tears. She later released an account of what happened on Facebook:

Kanye says to me, 'Mom I feel bad for that little boy because he couldn’t get his ball signed, I feel bad that he couldn’t walk or stand to be able to be seen, and I want to give him my ball.' I was amazed at what he was telling me and I looked at my son straight in the eyes and said 'if you really want to do that from the bottom of your heart son, then you go ahead.' I honestly saw a real genuine look in his face and he said 'yes mom I really want to do this for him.' As we were walking he approached the little boy in the wheel chair and said to him 'I know you couldn’t get an autograph so you can have mine.'

Kanye is certainly someone any parent would be proud of, and his mother has obviously done a superb job of instilling the right values in her young son. As Kanye said to KHOU, “If you be nice and generous, God will bless you for that.”

Amen to that! Not that he asked for anything in return, but the best part of this story is that J.J. Watt's foundation found out about Kanye's selfless act and a certain something special is en route to him in the mail right now. So cool!

Have you ever been impressed by a generous act done by your son or daughter? Share it in the comments below!

Source: KHOU

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09.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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