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This ’90s Babe Is Now a Mother-of-Three! Who Is She? (PHOTO)

Not gonna lie: We follow our favorite '90s TV stars pretty religiously on Twitter — and you know we love adorable celebrity babies. So when this gorgeous blonde posted a photo of her and her son, now six years old, when he was just a tiny baby, we were thrilled. It's hard to believe that this little dude is now older than his mama was when her career started!

While this actress, producer, and author, now 38, started with commercial work at four years old, her breakout role didn't happen until she reached the ripe old age of 15. Talk about an early start! Her magical career has also included Broadway shows… and a long-running teen sitcom on ABC, which centered around her. (She's actually played title characters in her two most major roles. Good for her!)

Need a bigger hint? She's still acting — in a sitcom alongside a fellow '90s star, in another ;title role — but in addition to that, directing, and being an awesome mom, she still found time for a season of Dancing With the Stars.

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