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Which ’90s Heartthrob Is Pumping Some Serious Iron While Shirtless? (PHOTOS)

He's all grown up… and all bulked up! We had the hugest crush on this dude back in the '90s, when he played a dashing high school sitcom star — and he pulled it off without ever having that butt-part through the center of his hair. Ooh la la!

Now 40 years old, this handsome devil is staying in shape with CrossFit. He posted this photo to Twitter of some barbell-related move, perhaps a squat. We don't really care what he's doing as much as how he's doing it — shirtless.

Need a hint? While this dude's sitcom character, which he played in four different shows, found moderate success in both track and basketball, his mullet-ed bestie was generally regarded as the super-ripped one.

Still not getting it? His character's name is often used to describe a really dated kind of cell phone.

Give up? Have a guess? Click through for the reveal!

03.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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