Teen Beat Tuesday: ’90s Scarlett Johansson — A Retrospective
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Teen Beat Tuesday

Teen Beat Tuesday: ’90s Scarlett Johansson — A Retrospective

We've given a ton of screen time to the cute boys of the '90s, but what about the adorable girls? Rumor has it that Scarlett Johansson is expecting a kid of her own, so we thought we'd look back at when she was a kid herself — and we totally wanted to be her.

To celebrate the coming of mini-ScarJo, here are five films she did when she was just a tot herself!

North (1994)

ScarJo's first film role was in North, as a member of a family North (Elijah Wood) tries on for size, and she's totally adorable. Plus, she co-starred with Bruce Willis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and a whole host of other A-listers. Critics everywhere totally hated this Rob Reiner-directed tale of a child divorcing his parents — even positive reviews had caveats — and they're totally right. But to be fair, nobody reviewing this film in 1994 was a child at the time.

If you don't want to see the whole thing (we don't blame you), watch Scarlett's part below, because she's super-cute.

Manny & Lo (1996)

With that sweet Rob Reiner credit under her belt, Scarlett went onto more serious — and starring! — roles. Manny & Lo featured Scarlett as an 11-year-old along for the ride with her older sister, a pregnant, teenage runaway.

If Lucy Fell (1996)

Bonus Sarah Jessica Parker nostalgia! Little Scarlett played an art student of a dreadlocked Ben Stiller in this pretty dark romantic comedy.

Teen Beat Tuesday: ’90s Scarlett Johansson — A Retrospective
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The Horse Whisperer (1998)

It's hard to pinpoint a breakthrough role for Scarlett, but The Horse Whisperer, co-starring Robert Redford, might've been it. Scarlett played a teenager physically and emotionally recovering from a horrible accident — alongside her horse, Pilgrim.

My Brother the Pig (1999)

Don't watch this, because it's terrible. But the trailer's worth a watch — it features not only ScarJo, but Eva Mendes and Judge Reinhold ("of Beethoven's Fourth!"). The basic premise is that Scarlett accidentally turns her annoying little brother into a pig, so she and Eva drive to Mexico to try to get him turned back. Meanwhile, they're chased by a guy who wants to eat the pig-brother, because apparently there are no other pigs in the world.

What are your favorite ScarJo flicks? Name 'em below!

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