TV Nostalgia

This Little Cutie Grew Up to Be a Butt-Kicking 90s TV Star — Who Is She? (PHOTO)

Too adorable! This 90s TV star and teen idol posted on Twitter that she's "still feeling Mother's Day nostalgia" — along with this adorable photo of her and her mom. We can totally see it in their smiles, although we're not used to seeing this star smile too often.

What we really can't get over, though, is how this leading lady grew up to look so much like her toddler-self! Her distinct look is part of what carried her to fame — along with a starring role on a late '90s/early '00s series that's still a cult favorite today.

Don't quite have it yet? Speaking of teen idols, this 37-year-old went on to marry another '90s heartthrob, whom she met while filming a 1997 horror flick. The two became close friends, and started dating in 2000. Now, they've been married for 12 years — and have two kids!

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