A Bar Brawl, a Breakup, JWOWW Wants Kids, and More: Jersey Shore Week in Review 10/12
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Jersey Shore

A Bar Brawl, a Breakup, JWOWW Wants Kids, and More: Jersey Shore Week in Review 10/12

A lot happened this week in the Jersey Shore world. Having trouble keeping up? Here are the highlights.

- On the show, Snooki moved into her own house, we got a glimpse of the beginning of the biggest fight in Jersey history. Catch up on it all with our recap, and get the details on what went down. Oh, and were you mad when you saw Roger Mathews shove JWOWW during the fight? Because he has something to say about that.

- Speaking of Roger and JWOWW, they revealed to us when they want to start having kids.

- In less fun relationship news, Vinny broke up with his girlfriend, Melanie Igleias, despite telling us just days before the split that things were going great for them.

- The Situation, meanwhile, confirms that he's still sober despite allegations to the contrary.

- Poor Deena Nicole had a tough week. On the show, we saw her suffering from legit separation anxiety, and in real life she temporarily deleted her Twitter account because of mean messages and general stress.

- In Lorenzo LaValle news, Snooki's baby is smiling, and the cast assures fans Snooki is a great mom. And Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano dished to us about what it's like to film with the baby around.

- That cast has been thinking about the end of Jersey Shore. Pauly D has big plans, and the girls all think they've grown up a lot since the show started. Also, they've started dishing each others' dirty secrets!

- We had some fun with Guess Whos this week. Do you know this bikini bod? What about this booty? And is this boobs, or a butt?

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