Kandi Burruss’s Play, A Mother’s Love — Mama Joyce Gives Her Review! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss’s Play, A Mother’s Love — Mama Joyce Gives Her Review! (VIDEO)

Be honest, there were moments when you didn’t think Kandi Burruss’s musical A Mother’s Love was really going to happen — or at least not successfully. Between Porsha Williams’s flakiness as an amateur actress, and the ever-disapproving eye of the show’s subject matter, Mama Joyce, Kandi had a lot to overcome… but boy did she do it!

Even if your DVD of the play has yet to arrive in the mail — go order the darn thing! — you were still treated to some key scenes from the opening night of the Atlanta-based show, which occurred back in November 2013. We were loving it just as much as the audience seemed to on-screen!

The Housewives and their guests all seemed riveted by the drama throughout. Many were surprised to see how well Porsha actually did, in both her vocals and her acting — though Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks both noted that she’s “playing herself” in the airhead character of Jada.

“Porsha’s doing really well,” Kenya Moore’s Aunt Lori said to her, to which she nodded her head and genuinely smiled. So good to see the girls playing nice and supporting one another!

The show creator agrees with the positive reviews. “It was a challenge with Porsha in the beginning but now she’s funny, she looks good, she sounds good. She’s playing the hell out of this part,” Kandi told the Bravo cameras.

Kandi herself sounds great (of course), and the talent keeps on coming with the song “Let Them Love,” which brings the entire audience to their feet! Literally everyone was feeling it, from Todd Tucker’s mom to a dancing Cynthia and Peter to a tearful Kenya.

However, the jury was still out for Mama Joyce, who seemed unimpressed during the performance, letting very little emotion show in her face. But when she ventured backstage after the show, she did something that really shocked us...

“I loved the play, I really loved it,” the meddling mother told a beaming Kandi. “I know it was inspired from some of the things about us. I understand that. At this point, whatever your decision is is your decision. We’re going to agree to disagree”

It’s not a full endorsement of Todd and the relationship, but we’ll take it! And clearly the couple did too, as they just tied the knot last week! We have to give A Mother’s Love at least some of the credit!

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