Pretty Little Liars “A” Team Speculation: 6 Clues Aria Is Working With Ezra!
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Pretty Little Liars “A” Team Speculation: 6 Clues Aria Is Working With Ezra!

It’s hard to reconcile the Pretty Little Liars reveal that Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A” with the company line that Ezria is endgame. How can Aria (Lucy Hale) end up with someone who is making her life (and the lives of her her best friends) miserable? We think there’s more to this story chiefly that Aria and Ezra are working together. Here are six clues to support our theory.

Marlene didn’t deny it!

With the news that Ezra is “A” shattering the PLL fan community, speculation about Aria’s possible involvement in the scheme was immediate. In fact Entertainment Weekly even asked showrunner Marlene King about the theory. Her response: “Everybody is a suspect in Rosewood. We say that a lot, but it’s true. Everybody’s a suspect in Rosewood. And we always say things aren’t as they appear to be. We have fun with that theme a lot.” Meaning, Marlene didn’t deny it. Could this PLL theory be true?

They had a serious convo just before the “A” reveal

Or, perhaps, the Ezria alliance was formed much more recently. Was anyone else curious about the timing of Ezria’s heart-to-heart in the penultimate episode of the summer? Though the scene is played to make us assume that the “mess” Ezra is telling Aria about is his troubles with Maggie and Malcolm, in retrospect, it seems like Ezra could be fessing up about a whole lot more than that. At the time, we thought it was kind of weird that PLL didn’t show us more of the scene, but chocked it up to a time issue and/or the creepiness of the CeCe-listening-in reveal. Now, we’re not so sure. Did Ezra tell Aria about his role in the “A” game after the episode faded to black?

The mention of Aria’s short story about Alison

If Ezra did fess up in Season 4, Episode 11, Aria certainly has a lot to think about in the summer finale. This inner conflict is represented primarily as a romantic one in the ep, i.e. will Aria stay with Jake or return to Ezra? But, what if there is an added layer to this decision? What if Aria is also deciding whether she can join Ezra in whatever the hell his aim is as “A”? When Aria and Ezra run into one another at The Brew, Ezra brings up “Found But Lost,” a short story Aria wrote about Alison. It seems an odd thing to reference; we don’t see these two discuss Ali often. However, in the context of a recent discussion about Alison and “A,” the topic makes a lot more sense.

Mrs. Grunwald implied one of the Liars can’t be trusted

In the summer finale, Mrs. Grunwald finally came clean about her role in Ali’s allegedly eluding death the night of her not-murder. Mrs. G. claims that she pulled Ali out of the ground that night, but that Ali disappeared before she could get checked out at the hospital. Furthermore, Mrs. Grunwald said Ali is hesitant to approach the Liars because she’s not sure if she can trust them. Sure, Ali could just be paranoid (we imagine getting buried alive will do that to a person), or Ali could be right. Is Aria is working with “A”?

Aria could be “A” herself

One of the first and most resilient crazy fan theories out there is that Aria is (and always has been) “A.” In the summer finale, it looked like Ezra was revealed to be “A,” but what if he’s just working with “A” aka Aria. We’ve been approaching this theory as if it was Ezra who recruited Aria into the “A” game, but what if it was the other way around? What if Aria is the one who is pulling all of the strings?

Aria knows there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her

In Season 4, Episode 7: “Crash and Burn, Girl” Ezra tells Aria, “You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.” There’s a double negative in that sentence, but the meaning is clear: Ezra will do anything for Aria. More importantly, she knows it. At the time, we thought Ezra was just using a cliche (yet still effective) line, but could he have been referring to something only Aria and him know about their relationship? Something that has been kept secret from even the viewer? Read: an “A”-like alliance between the two. This dialogue takes on even further meaning if it was Aria who pulled Ezra into the “A” game.

Do you think Aria and Ezra are working together? Why or why not? Share your theories (and clues) in the comments below!

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