How Does Aaron Murray Feel About Future Sister-in-Law Andi Dorfman?
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How Does Aaron Murray Feel About Future Sister-in-Law Andi Dorfman?

During his time on The Bachelorette, we saw Andi Dorfman’s now-fiancé Josh Murray get put through his paces by Andi’s tough cookie father, Hy, and her equally-discerning mama, Patti. However, now that the two are officially engaged, it looks like the Atlanta gal’s parents are all-in on Josh — but can the same be said for his family?

Sure looks like it! As we know after watching 29-year-old’s Hometown Date in Florida, the Murray brood is quite sports-centric. Sure, Josh was a former pro baseball player himself, but it’s little bro Aaron Murray who is the real star of the field these days. Aaron, who was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs as a quarterback in the spring, had a chance to meet Andi during her visit. While they seemed to hit it off at the time, we had to wonder what he was thinking now that his brother is headed towards an on-screen wedding with the Dorf.

“He’s excited. He’s very happy,” Aaron said this week to the Columbia Tribune. “It was fun watching him when I got the opportunity to watch on TV. And I’ve got a future sister-in-law, so I’m happy.”

While Aaron was in the midst of a bunch of meetings during the finale’s airing, he did get a chance to screen the special moment later on. Plus? He has, of course, known for months that Josh would be the Bachelorette’s final pick.

“The finale happened the week of the draft, actually,” the younger Murray revealed. “We knew that Friday of the draft. We got a call from him — ‘Hey, she picked me. I proposed. We’re engaged.’ So it was an exciting weekend. He gets engaged, the next day I get drafted.”

Sounds like everything’s coming up roses for the Murray family! Congrats, you guys. Can’t wait to see y’all on the sidelines this coming football season!

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Source: Columbia Tribune