Abby Lee Miller Would Judge Dancing With the Stars Again, If Asked: “Absolutely”
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Abby Lee Miller Would Judge Dancing With the Stars Again, If Asked: “Absolutely”

You can tell Abby Lee Miller is still unhappy about her Dancing With the Stars Season 18 guest judging experience. She was not well-received, especially by the DWTS pros, but also by viewers, who gave her episode the lowest rating of the spring 2014 season.

Abby still seems confused by the vitriol and believes her tough love helped Meryl Davis win the Mirror Ball trophy. Abby was just on The Wendy Williams Show, and at the very start of her appearance, she thanked Wendy for being such a dear and true friend to defend her time on Dancing With the Stars. Wendy thought Abby was terrific as a guest judge (of course it was because she found Abby entertaining, it wasn’t a compliment to her judging). Wendy added that she didn't realize all the DWTS dancers hated Abby.

"I have always been so complimentary of all the dancers," Abby said. "When they were hired, they were just hired as dancers, and now they're choreographers and they're doing great work. I have been nothing but complimentary and good and nice and kind about them.”

Eh. Not quite. A few years ago, when Mark Ballas and Derek Hough had bashed Dance Moms as a bad example of how to teach kids, Abby said the dance community was just jealous that they didn’t have their own show. She also later referenced the pros talking "a little smack about Dance Moms," but she didn't want to name the pros, just joking, "I’m not giving that little skinny blond guy any more credit." She was nice to the pros as guest judge, but she had to know she would’ve been attacked even more if she dared diss them in their own house. Besides, the pros have never cared what she thinks about them, they take issue with how she treats the impressionable children she teaches.

Anyway, Abby continued to Wendy that her DWTS judging was a job. “And I feel in some way that I helped Meryl win, because she did listen, she heard what I was saying. You can go back and look through the still pictures from that event and look at her feet..." Wendy referenced how Meryl’s partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, spoke out against Abby, but he’s not in charge of the show. So if DWTS contacted Abby to be a judge, would she do it? "Absolutely," Abby said. The crowd applauded and Wendy said "good." But Abby said she’s really busy with her own shows, so she might not have time.

Abby did not win a lot of fans on DWTS, but what would you think if The Powers That Be did ask her to return on Season 19?

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