Did Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Just Confirm She’s Engaged? (VIDEO)
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Did Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Just Confirm She’s Engaged? (VIDEO)

Pop culture fans should know by now that whenever we want answers, we’ve got to put Wendy Williams on the case. The daytime host is always getting to the bottom of celeb gossip, especially pertaining to relationships. The latest? Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller and whether those rumors of an engagement are true.

Abby stopped by The Wendy Williams Show this week to promote her newest reality show, Abby’s Studio Rescue. While Wendy had her in the hot seat, she took the opportunity to quiz Abby about the buzz she recently got engaged to actor and voiceover artist Michael Padula. The host started things off by turning the attention to Abby’s “love life.”

“Well, I want to see that big ring you have,” Abby redirects, before teasing, “I’m looking for like a big, thick band.”

“OK, there’s a man!” Wendy says excitedly, while the producers flash a photo of Abby and Michael looking cuddly. “Well that’s Michael, but I have a lot of hot men in my life. I surround myself with beautiful men,” Abby quips.

But the seasoned interviewer doesn’t let her change the subject. “I want to be specific about the one you’re intimate with ... Are you trying on engagement rings there?” she asks while pointing to the pic. “I see an engagement ring!”

Finally, the dance director opens up. “I am, but I want a metal, big, thick, chunky, modern, contemporary band.” Ha! Modern/contemporary just makes us think of dance — how fitting!

“So in other words, Abby’s getting married?” Wendy suggests coyly, before Abby gets confusing again and says, “Maybe, well I don’t know. We rushed into things because my mom was ill. I think it was kind of like, she would be at peace if she knew I had someone to take care of me, you know?”

If that sounds like odd reasoning for someone as self-sufficient as Abby, she has an answer for you. “My mom and dad were older when they had me, and they raised me to be very independent.” In other words, she just didn’t want her mom to think she was alone in the world. We get it!

And in case you’re wondering, Michael may appear very youthful and handsome, but he’s not too far off in age from Abby Lee (who is 47). Good to know!

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Source: Wendy Williams