ABC Cancels Bachelor Alumni Blogs!
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The Bachelor

ABC Cancels Bachelor Alumni Blogs!

The time has come to slip into a black bikini and ugly-cry yourself silly, because we have beyond tragic news. No, Sean Lowe's six-pack didn't morph into a four-pack (THE HORROR), but even worse? ABC has cancelled Bachelorette blogs from alumni like Michael Stagliano, Natalie Getz, and Jaclyn Swartz. Um, totally unacceptable.

It's like, first ABC takes Bachelor Pad 4 away from our heaving bosom, and now this? How much more is one super-fan supposed to take? As far as we know, the Bachelor Blogs were a smash hit, and we're just not sure that we can live without weekly musings from our favorite franchise veterans. Especially Michael "The Stag" Stagliano.

According to Jaclyn, Bachelor Blogs are on "hiatus" this season, so please join us while we hold onto the slim hope that ABC will get their head in the game and bring our homies back from the beyond in time for Bachelor 18.

In the meantime, you can check out Natalie Getz's "blog shorts" on Sulia, and Michael's new column (Simple Dating Do's and Don'ts For Men) over at Eligible Magazine.

As for the rest of the Bachelor bloggers with no place to call home, you're always welcome here, guys!

Source: Twitter / Sulia / Eligible Magazine