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Which ABC Star’s Boyfriend Has a One-Track Mind? (PHOTO)

This 23-year-old rising star has been one to watch since making her big debut on an Emmy-nominated sitcom… and it appears her boyfriend can't keep his eyes off her, either!

"The draft is on," the starlet posted to Instagram during the NFL draft, "but I think [my boyfriend] is interested in something else." You don't say!

To be fair, she's been dating this ogling gentleman since 2009, and we've gotten used to these two being inseparable — so we're pretty sure he's in it for more than just the bikini bod. But hey, we're sure it doesn't hurt.

Need a hint? While this actress has been making us laugh for five seasons on her hit series, she's done plenty of work on the side, including co-starring with her man in a 2011 Disney Channel original movie.

Got your guess ready? Click through to see if you're right!