ABC’s Mistresses: Jason George Previews Sexy New Summer Show  — Exclusive
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Grey's Anatomy

ABC’s Mistresses: Jason George Previews Sexy New Summer Show — Exclusive

Get ready to see Dr. Ben Warren in a whole new light, Grey’s Anatomy fans!

For the the past few seasons, Jason George has charmed us with his portrayal of Miranda Bailey’s hot anesthesiologist hubby Ben, but now the actor is taking on an new role in the new ABC summer series, Mistresses, starring Alyssa Milano.

In Mistresses, Jason takes on the role of Dominic, Savannah’s (Alyssa) hunky colleague. But their relationship doesn’t stop there (because that would be boring, wouldn’t it?). Feeling unsatisfied by her restaurateur husband (Brett Tucker) — who just so happens to be shooting blanks — Savi (as her friends call her) falls into the arms of Dominic.

“They definitely collide,” Jason told Wetpaint Entertainment. “It’s fun because our characters are like work husband and work wife. They’re a perfect team at work. They get along great. They make eachother laugh. But she’s married, and he is a ridiculous flirt — which I personally know nothing about — so it’s like he’s been pushing on this door that’s been locked forever. One day, it opens up and he falls flat on his face. The question becomes, where do we go from here?”

But this isn’t just some mindless fling — at least, not for Dominic, who Jason says cares for Savi as more than just mistress.

“He really does think the only reason they’re not together is because she’s married,” said Jason. “You want the best for your friends, and he thinks what’s best for her is him, so the fun part is that it’s not just a booty call. And that’s something that was exciting for me because as a society, we always talk about how men are the ones who are purely sexual beings, but he’s actually the one putting his heart on the line.”

Whether Savi decides to continue the affair past a one-night tryst is yet to be determined — although we’re firmly on Team Dominic! — but she’s not the only one dealing with bedroom secrets and insecurities. After all, the show is called Mistresses for a reason.

“The show deals with all of the aspects of infidelity,” Jason explained. “You have Yunjin Kim, whose character has been a mistress for the last little bit, and then you have Rochelle Aytes, whose character is dealing with the fall-out of her husband having has an affair, and now she’s dealing with the fall-out. And then you have Alyssa, who is right at the precipice, where this thing happens — we see it happen — and she has to look at where the consequences have brought her friends and decide what she wants to do.”

Sure, Dominic may be at risk for some serious heartbreak, but according to Jason, working with former teen queen Alyssa Milano is worth it!

“She’s timeless. People love her now, and people loved her then,” Jason told Wetpaint. “I have friends who were like, “I was about her when I was a teenager, I’m about her now, she’s been a longstanding crush. Alyssa is officially the one that got away for half of the men in the country — and a third of the women.”

Catch the premiere of Mistresses at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Tell us if you’ll be watching in the comments below!

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