Will Abraham Ford Stop Glenn Rhee From Searching For Maggie Greene?
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The Walking Dead

Will Abraham Ford Stop Glenn Rhee From Searching For Maggie Greene?

At the tailend of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10: “Inmates”, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) came in contact with Sgt. Abraham Ford, (Michael Cudlitz) Rosita Espinosa, (Christian Serratos) and Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). We’re not so sure of what to think of the TV versions of this trio just yet, but one bit from the promo for next Sunday’s Episode 11: “Claimed” does have us a bit worried.

In the final moments of the promo Abraham tells Glenn, “She’s gone. No need for you to die too.” Is he talking about Tara? Maggie? We don’t know the specifics yet, but we’d guess that “she” is none other than Ms. Maggie Greene. Could Abraham be discouraging Glenn from finding his fiancée?

The newbie is romantically involved with Rosita and certainly knows love and loss, but he’s also determined to get Eugene to Washington D.C. in the hopes of finding a cure to this whole mess. Because of all this, Michael notes that his character’s take on Gleggie is rather complicated. The veteran actor explains to The Hollywood Reporter, “Sounds like conflict! Sounds like two groups want two different things! Abraham seems to stop for them but I don't know if Glenn needs him,” he explains. “In a way, there's a dilemma with Abraham because he does need and want more people but he can't force anyone to be with him because he's not the boss of anybody. It's a weird dynamic, but he does understand Glenn's loss. We specifically go into the loss that Glenn is experiencing. That's the chink in the armor. There's an understanding that's reached and it's interesting because as an alpha Cro-Magnon dude, there's a lot to Abraham that you'd not expect that the show will be going into. Abraham is someone you want to care about.”

This makes it sound like Abraham is definitely referring to Maggie in the promo, and given Michael’s interesting answer we’re really excited to see how the military man reacts to Glenn’s personal mission. Michael makes it sound like his character will be sympathetic, perhaps likening Glenn’s loss to a similar loss he endured in the past. We also like knowing that as time progresses, Abraham is expected to become a character we will care about. With Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) death we can certainly use another person to feel for.

Still, we hope the “understanding” that’s reached isn’t that Glenn goes his own way, because we’re not sure he has what it takes to survive by himself. Abraham doesn’t seem like the kind of dude to just let Glenn go either, so we’re guessing the understanding may be more of a compromise.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter