Brandon DeShazer and Kenya Moore Accuse NeNe Leakes of “Gay Bashing”!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Brandon DeShazer and Kenya Moore Accuse NeNe Leakes of “Gay Bashing”!

While many would consider NeNe Leakes to be somewhat of a gay icon, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now taking heat for being exactly the opposite. Specifically, her co-star Kenya Moore and her assistant Brandon DeShazer have accused Mrs. Leakes of “gay bashing”. Not our NeNe!

During the epic Pillow Talk party fight in the January 26 episode, the Glee actress repeatedly referred to Brandon as a “queen,” which has put a bad taste in a lot of viewers’ mouths. Kenya was asked specifically about NeNe’s use of the term when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live last week — and girl is not taking it lightly.

"I was really disgusted by that,” Kenya emphasized to Andy Cohen. “It was disgusting to watch someone that's built her entire career off of copying gay men's lingo... for her to make defamatory and humiliating remarks. I think it was uncalled for and it's no place to gay bash.”

The twirling diva went on to point on that RHoA has always been a very gay-friendly program, which she says makes the issue that much more severe: “We’re a show that loves gay people, obviously… And what does it matter what someone's sexuality is [as to] whether they got beat up or not? What does that have to do with anything? It's completely uncalled for. I was quite disturbed by those remarks."

Brandon himself responded to being called a “queen” in a series of tweets, where he first seconded Kenya’s accusation that NeNe built her career around replicating gay stereotypes. “Trying to oppress me with Stigmas that you demonstrate at every given moment??? Come harder...#FACT,” he tweets.

He then states that he was offended that the RHoA star was downplaying his masculinity by calling him as such, explaining that “Despite your words, I was born a man, raised a man and chosen as a man. IM ALL MAN! #FACT.”

The aspiring actor concluded his rant with the following: “Calling me "queen" "girlfriend" says MUCH less about me and MUCH more about you! #FACT.”

While we can understand the gay community feeling uncomfortable with NeNe’s use of the lexicon, we’re not totally sure we’d jump to calling it “gay bashing”... and we’re guessing the Atlanta lady won’t be taking those accusations sitting down. More to come!

Do you agree with Kenya and Brandon that NeNe was out of line by using that word? Tell us in the comments below.

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