Jenelle Evans Accuses Media of Being Mean About Her Pregnant Body
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Accuses Media of Being Mean About Her Pregnant Body

Jenelle Evans had the longest pregnancy of all time (seriously, Jessica Simpson has nothing on this girl), but she finally pushed out her newest love child on June 30 and is embracing motherhood like a total pro! The problem? Haters keep hating.

Jenelle dealt with judgemental fans throughout her pregnancy, but she seems to think the media was also against her –– especially when it comes to judging her pregnant body. And while Jenelle only gained around 20 pounds total during her gestation, some people took issue with her maternity fashion.

This gal posted a tabloid page to Twitter which features a photo of herself strolling along the beach alongside a snapshot of Snookie (who's also preggo!). The pic's not-so-nice caption? "Always keeping it classy, the tatted-up former Teen Mom star takes a stroll while pregnant with her second child."

This musing seems pretty mild mannered to us (after all, Jenelle does always keep it classy!), but Jenelle tweeted "funny if it was any other celebrity in a bikini pregnant they would of said how beautiful they look lmfao."

Hmmm, girlfriend has a point. Kim Kardashian was praised sky high for wandering around preggo in a bikini, and no one threw subtle shade her way. Do you think the media treats Jenelle unfairly? Tell us your theories in the comments!

Source: Jenelle Evans on Twitter