The Walking Dead Gets New Action Figures — See Them Now! (PHOTOS)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Gets New Action Figures — See Them Now! (PHOTOS)

Have you ever been so frustrated with a storyline on The Walking Dead that you wished you could just redo the whole thing for yourself, and create an alternate universe where Andrea is still alive and Rick suppresses his bizarre need to garden?

Scott Gimple isn’t vacating his post as showrunner any time soon — as a matter of fact, he just signed on for TWD Season 5 — and we doubt there are any spots open in one of the hottest writers’ rooms around, but we’ve got another way for you to get absorbed in your own TWD world.

McFarlane Toys and AMC have teamed up to deliver an all-new series of action figures, and this set is the best, most-realistic yet! This fourth series of figures features unique play-action (just like the first three sets) This gaggle of TWD characters also sports the exact likeness of the each actor thanks to the use of a 3D scanning process.

So which beloved TWD characters are included in this latest series? You can choose from The Governor, Andrea, Carl Grimes, a walker in riot gear, a walker in riot gear with a gas mask, a Rick Grimes exclusive, a Dixon brothers two-pack, a 10-inch Daryl Dixon more. Prices vary for each figure.

Honestly, all of the figures are worth the money in our opinion, but we’ve included some highlights. For example, The Governor action figure includes “22 points of articulation, an alternate head without eyepatch, pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath and large knife.”

You had us at “alternate head without an eye patch”!

As for the 10-inch Daryl Dixon (get your mind out of the gutter!) his figure is portrayed in his iconic angel wings stitched biker vest and includes removable poncho, hunting knife, and crossbow.

For complete descriptions of all of the new action figures, head on over to AMC.

Will you be purchasing any of these action figures this holiday season? Tell us your plans below!