True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky Calls Nude Scenes “Pretty Damn Terrifying”
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True Blood

True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky Calls Nude Scenes “Pretty Damn Terrifying”

If you were about to do your first nude, you’d want a lot of beauty rest, right? Unfortunately, that didn't happen for new True Blood cast member Robert Kazinsky when he found out he was going to be a nude scene with the show’s star, Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse).

The British actor admitted he spent a sleepless night after being only given a day’s notice that he was doing what he calls a “terrifying” nude scene. The former EastEnders star was worried he’d be compared to True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello. We don't blame him!

But apparently, Rob was the only one who gave any pause to the nudity. He told Britain’s Daily Mirror, “They were like, ‘just take your clothes off, now, we are running out of time.’”

The actor joked, "I was up all night stressing about it and how bad I'm going to look next to Joe." The witty Brit added, "I am a redhead and very pale and in a stark moonlight I do glow. I have a glowing [bleep].”

As for Anna, Rob backs up what Stephen Moyer has said about his wife, in that she is the consummate professional.

“It wouldn’t be so easy if I wasn’t working with Anna," said Rob. "She’s so professional.”

Getting nude is apparently no big thing for the actress, who's had her fair share of sexy romps on the show.

“I don’t want to say she is really experienced at getting her clothes off, but on this show she is," Ben quipped. "Before the scenes she said from day one ‘Shut up’ and ‘Do it – if I am doing it you’re doing it’.”

What do you think about the Sookie/Ben pairing on the show?

Source: Daily Mirror (via SF Gate)