The Bachelorette

Which Famous Blonde Wanted to Be The Bachelorette — But Was Rejected?!

This sexy celeb is probably not used to rejection. She’s dated some of the hottest guys in the biz, and she’s currently with one now. But back in 2005, after her divorce, she admitted she was “lonely” and “needed to be loved.” So she did what any smart famous woman would do — she got her agent to call ABC and say she wanted to be the new Bachelorette.

Done and done? Nope. It was a big fail, since they told her, “We’re not using celebrities at this time.” That was almost 10 years ago and they’re still not casting famous people — at least not anyone famous for something other than being on a previous season.

Who was the rejected star and which famous guy is she dating now? You may have already guessed, but click ahead to be sure.