Adam Lambert’s Starchild: Do He and Kurt Have Chemistry?
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Adam Lambert’s Starchild: Do He and Kurt Have Chemistry?

Adam Lambert made his big debut on Glee Season 5, Episode 4 last night. He was glam rock. He was gorgeous. And his version of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” slayed us. But as his character, Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert, shared a scene with Kurt (Chris Colfer) at the diner, we were struck by an intriguing — and also potentially life-ruining — thought. Is it just us, or do Kurt and Elliott have some crazy hot chemistry?

Adam Lambert’s Starchild: Do He and Kurt Have Chemistry?
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Every bone in our body is telling us to ignore this feeling. Suppress it. Stuff it in a box. Run, no, sprint in the opposite direction. Obviously, Kurt and Starchild can never be. Kurt is in love with Blaine (Darren Criss). Kurt just got engaged to Blaine barely three episodes ago. Blaine’s proposal was perfect. Blaine is perfect. And Glee fans have spent the past three seasons hoping for Klaine to get their happily ever after.

But there’s just something about the dynamic between Kurt and Starchild. We swear these two have a connection. Santana (Naya Rivera) picked up on it during the diner scene. She flat-out told Kurt that he needed to stop flirting.

Kurt won’t admit to a crush just yet, but it’s clear from the beginning that he harbored a serious grudge against Starchild...for seemingly no reason. Did Kurt recognize the instant sexual chemistry between the two? Was his initial rejection of Starchild simply a failed effort to keep himself from potential temptation and lust? Glee didn’t make it clear. But it certainly seems like that might be the case.

We’ll be straight with you: We have been diehard Klaine fans ever since Darren Criss first sung “Teenage Dream” three years ago. We swooned over “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” For us, Hey Monday’s “Candles”will forever be “the song that really sort of sucked because Kurt and Blaine were too busy making out to actually practice.”

But Klaine has been slowly losing their magic ever since “The Break-Up.” They just don’t move us like they used to. Gone are the cute moments, the heart-fluttering duets. The couple’s long-distance relationship is taking it’s toll. It’s harder to get excited about their romance.

Clearly, cheating is never okay. Blaine may have cheated on Kurt, but that does not give Kurt the right to do the same thing back. Logically, we know this. But for some reason, we just can’t stop thinking about the chemistry that Kurt and Starchild seem to share.

We don’t know what to say. We’re conflicted. Our heads know Kurt should ignore his feelings, but our hearts still sort of want to see Kurt and Starchild together.

Do you want Kurt and Starchild to explore their feelings further? Or given the ring on Kurt’s finger, is that simply out of the question? Head below and let us know what you think.

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