Adam Lind Calls Teen Mom “Fake” in Instagram Rant
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Adam Lind Calls Teen Mom “Fake” in Instagram Rant

You guys, Adam Lind has a lot of feelings and he can't hold them in anymore. Which is presumably why he word-vomited all over Instagram in an effort to prove that his daughter Aubree's last name is Lind.

Adam Lind Calls Teen Mom “Fake” in Instagram Rant
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You might remember that Aubree's mom, Chelsea Houska, had her kiddo's last name changed to Houska during an early episode of Teen Mom 2, but Adam claims that her legal name is still Lind.

In fact, he posted a photo of his child support paperwork to prove it, and then went on a rant that the folks at The Ashley's Reality Roundup were kind enough to snag.

“For everyone that says my daughters last name is Houska…ya no its still Lind," Adam said on Instagram. "More proof of how fake the show is…they suck in all u idiots who feed off drama to believe everything that’s on TV."

Woah there. Last time we checked MTV was paying this dude to appear on the show, so you'd think he wouldn't bite the hand that feeds him.

Sure, it must be frustrating for Adam to believe he's being depicted unfairly, but for him to accuse Teen Mom 2 of being "fake", and call the show's fans "idiots who feed off drama" is slightly harsh, and certainly won't win him any supporters.

Do you think Adam went too far? This dude has some serious explaining to do!

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup