Adam Lind “Proves” He Has 50/50 Custody of Paislee in Instagram Rant (PHOTOS)
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Adam Lind

Adam Lind “Proves” He Has 50/50 Custody of Paislee in Instagram Rant (PHOTOS)


Can someone please take away Adam Lind’s Instagram privileges? Because this is just getting out of hand now…

The Teen Mom 2 dad has made no secret lately about his thoughts on the show, claiming the producers make him look like the “bad guy” by way of editing.

He’s even threatened to quit after the current Season 7, and revealed Chelsea Houska’s confidential salary information!

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But Adam’s latest Instagram post takes things even further, as he posted (and not surprisingly then deleted) a screenshot of the legal document he has with Taylor Halbur, the mother of his younger daughter, Paislee, that outlines their custody arrangement.

Eventful day planned Hopefully it warms up a lil bit to take the girls to the dog park with jax and gemma !!

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What spurred this post, one might ask? In the April 11 episode of TM2, Adam revealed to his friends that he has “50/50 custody of Paislee” and is hoping to get the same arrangement in place with Aubree.

Taylor, Adam’s baby mama, took to Twitter after she saw that scene to clear things up and say that no, he doesn’t actually have 50/50 of their little girl as he claims:

And since apparently Instagram is Adam’s way of sharing his side of literally every story, he used the social media site to outline all the stipulations of his custody arrangement with his ex.

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“Feel free to read the legal binding terms Taylor and I both agreed and signed off on … Take note its [sic] says ‘CUSTODY’ …. then right after it states the visitation … And as in visitation meaning the times and places we agreed on picking her up and dropping her off,” the dad of two captioned the photo, according to Starcasm.

The site points out the document says the parents have joint legal custody, not physical custody, but we digress.

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The wannabe personal trainer also went on another rant of sorts in the post, blaming Chelsea and Taylor for “buddying” up with each other and spending thousands of dollars on lawyer fees when they could’ve just worked it out with Adam on his own and spent the money on their kids.

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Randy Houska, Chels’s dad, has claimed Adam pays only $170 a month towards Aubree’s expenses, which is the lowest amount legally allowed in the state of South Dakota. It’s interesting how this post makes no mention of child support whatsoever…

Still, the Sioux Falls resident’s baby mamas seem unphased by it all, and also seem to be banding together even more in the wake of this news: