Adam Lind’s Girlfriend Taylor Halbur Is Sick of People Comparing Her to Chelsea Houska
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Adam Lind’s Girlfriend Taylor Halbur Is Sick of People Comparing Her to Chelsea Houska

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind welcomed his baby daughter, Paislee Mae, to the world back in September, and we're finally getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his OG baby mama Chelsea Houska's reaction. Chelsea seemed pretty upset during Teen Mom 2 Season 5's premiere — which is totally understandable. Not only was she dealing with the fact that Adam had officially moved on with his new girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, she had to deal with them having a kid of their own!

Chelsea was understandably on edge (and dare we say slightly jealous?), and many Teen Mom fans seem to be taking sides. While we'd pick Team Chelsea over Team Adam any day, it's important to keep in mind that Taylor hasn't done anything wrong! All this girl is guilty of is falling for Sioux Falls' resident jail bird, and she's taken it to Instagram to ask fans not to take sides.

"People keep saying Team Chelsea or Team Taylor. Why does there have to be teams?" she mused. "Just because you have a child with someone doesn't mean you're right for each other. I don't understand people. You all were mad at Chelsea for trying to fix her family and stay with adam bc he wasn't treating her right and wanted her to move on. Yet now that the case is what you all wanted you are mad about it. People need to realize we are human beings too. We also have feelings."

Sounds like Taylor is sick and tired of people pitting her against Chelsea.

"The fact that you comment on who's prettiest and putting not only myself but adam and also Chelsea down is ridiculous," she continued. "I'm not one to normally speak out but I'm over all of it."

Chelsea and Taylor are both gorgeous, and — more importantly — they're both shaping up to be amazing mothers to their kids! And who knows? Maybe Adam will even prove the haters wrong by staying out of jail, not driving under the influence, and removing that unfortunate facial hair.

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