Adam Lind Instagram Rant Spurs Epic Response from Randy Houska (PHOTOS)
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Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind Instagram Rant Spurs Epic Response from Randy Houska (PHOTOS)


There’s never a dull moment in the Teen Mom universe!

Now that we’re just a week away from Teen Mom 2 Season 7’s premiere, the franchise’s cast members have been more active on social media than usual, as these recent Twitter feuds indicate.

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But now it’s Adam Lind’s turn, who went on an explosive Instagram rant on Friday, March 11 — to which Chelsea Houska’s dad Randy responded!

Adam went off in the comments section of one of his Instagram photos. In the post, the dad of two revealed his and Chelsea’s salary information, explained why they’ll be returning to court again to battle it out over child support for Aubree, and even revealed that after he films the reunion show later this year, he is “done” with the show and is not planning on returning should there be a Season 8.

Happy happy sister&daddy time

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Though Chelsea hasn’t acknowledged her ex’s words — she’s probably too busy being adorable with her fiance, Cole DeBoer — Chelsea’s dad Randy did the dirty work for his daughter, responding directly to a few of Adam’s claims on Twitter.

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Dr. Houska didn’t comment on Adam’s salary confessions — he claims the girls are making $250,000 for Season 7 and his chump of change isn’t much less than that! — but PapaRandlicious did clarify a few other things.

For one? Aubree apparently has about $50,000 in the bank for her appearances on the show, and Randy clarifies that Chelsea does NOT plan on using that money for herself, but rather has it in an account so Aubs can go to college one day:

In another tweet, the dentist explains Adam doesn’t pay over $900 a month in child support as he claims, but rather gives Chelsea the minimum amount required by the state, which is just $170.

The grandpa also defends Chelsea, saying that despite Adam’s accusations, Chels will have a lot going for her when her “fame” on the show runs out:

Randy has never been shy about sharing his true feelings about his daughter’s ex, and even though Adam has supposedly made positive changes in his life, it doesn’t look like his opinion of the former bad boy will ever change. Remember when Randy called Adam a “toad” after Chels got engaged to her “prince” Cole? Good times.

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We can’t wait for these two fellas to reunite on the couch at the Season 7 reunion show — and to find out if Adam is serious about his threats of quitting before Season 8.

But he might be in good company — Adam also shared this texting exchange he had with Jenelle Evans’s ex, Nathan Griffith, who seems just as peeved as he is. Teen Mom dads, unite?!

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premieres Monday, March 21 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.