Does Adam Lind Already Have a New Girlfriend? — Report
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Does Adam Lind Already Have a New Girlfriend? — Report

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind recently broke up with his baby mama, Taylor Halbur (not to be confused with his OG baby mama, Chelsea Houska), but it looks like this studly stallion is already off the market. Which makes sense — just look at Adam's sexy tattoos and sensual facial hair. He's basically a god amongst men.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans are shocked that Adam and Taylor didn't try harder at their relationship (after all, they just welcomed their baby daughter, Paislee, into the world!), but you'll be even more shocked to learn that this dude reportedly has a new girl on his arm.

According to a report from Teen Mom Talk, Adam is dating a brunette bombshell named Mandy — and get this: she has a daughter! Because Adam is so great at being a father-figure, bless his heart. Unfortunately, we don't know much about Mandy — but apparently she has some issues with her baby daddy, which can only mean one thing: drama!

While we wish Adam the best in all of his romantic endeavors, it might be good for this dude to either be single, or get back together with Taylor for the sake of their adorable kiddo.

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Source: Teen Mom Talk