Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind Refuses to Give Chelsea Houska His New Phone Number

Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 5, Episode 12 (April 8, 2014)

Adam Lind Refuses to Give Chelsea Houska His New Phone Number
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Chelsea Houska's life is pretty perfect — she has a beautiful daughter named Aubree, an insanely gigantic head of hair (complete with polyester and feathers), great parents, and a bunch of sweaty French Bulldogs. Girlfriend's living the dream! The only bummer? Adam Lind. Chelsea's baby daddy is non-stop drama, and this week she had to deal with all kinds of Adamisms. (Note: Adamisms = moments where Adam is being super Adamy.)

Not only did Chelsea have to deal with Adam bringing his new daughter, Paislee, to Aubree's Christmas pageant (awkward!), she handed Aubs off to Adam's parents so he could have supervised visitation. She then found out that Adam wasn't even spending time with her "at the farm." Hm, you'd think after taking Chelsea to court, this dude would make the most out of his precious days with his little girl!

However, the lowest blow? Adam changed his number and refused to share it with Chelsea, which means these former lovebirds could only communicate via Facebook. Yikes. At this point, we assume you're thinking, "But guys, what if there's an emergency," and believe us — Chelsea was right there with you.

When this glamazon sarcastically asked Adam how she should contact him in case of an issue with their daughter (and then called him pathetic), he responded, "You still wanna live your life being a bitch, then whatever Chelsea."

Oh, Adam. So articulate and mature, it's only a matter of time before someone asks him to pen a book of poetry!

Do you think this hunk's attitude toward Chelsea was out of line? And, more importantly, is Facebook a safe way to communicate with someone you share a child with?! Hit the comments and let us know what you think.