Adam Lind’s Daughter Paislee Said Her First Word — What Was It?
Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram    

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Adam Lind’s Daughter Paislee Said Her First Word — What Was It?

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind and his newest baby mama, Taylor Halbur, welcomed their darling daughter, Paislee, into the world back in September, and this child is basically a genius. Duh, she takes after her dad (said no one ever)!

Since making her grand debut into the wonderful world of Teen Mom Land, Paislee has been melting our hearts with her sweet smile and cherubic cheeks, and Taylor's been keeping fans in the know regarding her little lady's developmental strides. The latest? Paislee has officially said her first word! We know right, barely nine months old and already chatting up a storm.

So, what was Paislee's first word? Drumroll, was "dada!" Taylor took to Twitter to share the news simply writing, "Paislee officially says 'dada'..!" and causing us to faceplant into a pile of OMGs.

Adam must be thrilled! Sure he and Taylor are rumored to have broken up again (this time thanks to his wandering eye…), but it's good to know that Adam still sees so much of his kiddo. They must be spending some serious quality time together if Paislee's first word was about her dad!

Of course, it's possible that Paislee is just making sounds and has no idea that "dada" refers to her pops, but we like to think that she totally knows what's up. In fact, the next words out of this sweet little baby's mouth will probably be "tattoo" and "removal" and "please stop the madness."

Are you surprised that Paislee's first word was "dada"? Let us know below!