Adam Lind’s Daughter Paislee Is Starting to Walk!
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Adam Lind’s Daughter Paislee Is Starting to Walk!

You guys, milestones are happening all over the place in Teen Mom Land. First, Leah Shirley loses a tooth, then Adam Lind announces that he's nine months sober (those two things are equivalent, right?), and now Paislee Lind is learning to walk!

Adam and his baby mama, Taylor Halbur, welcomed Paislee into the world back in September, which means she's just nine months old — which is super early for walking! Clearly this child is a genius and we all need to bow in the presence of greatness.

"Baby girl just took 3 steps by herself :)" Taylor shared with her fans on June 26, causing us to squeal with excitement.

We can't wait to see videos of Paislee walking, and we're sure Adam is right there with us. He and Taylor are currently broken up after a pretty rough few months, and it's likely that he missed out on this milestone in his daughter's life.

Oh well, Adam can always find comfort in the fleet of inky skull friends that live on his arms and chest!

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