Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Breakup Due to Her Drinking — Report
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Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Breakup Due to Her Drinking — Report

The rumor mill's been running in overdrive ever since reports surfaced that Chelsea Houska's baby daddy, Adam Lind, had split from his newest baby mama, Taylor Halbur. Adam and Taylor have been going strong since the birth of their daughter, Paislee, but sadly it looks like these two just couldn't make it work, which means Adam is single and ready to mingle. You're welcome, fertile ladies of South Dakota.

So, what went wrong in Adam and Taylor's relationship? A source close to the couple says, "I don’t know who dumped who,” but that “Adam says he dumped her.” Apparently, the breakup happened several weeks ago, and Adam has officially moved out of the house. “He said he dumped her because she didn’t stop drinking,” the source explains to

Huh. Taylor isn't exactly known for being a party animal, and let's not forget that Adam has been charged with multiple DUIs in the past. However, this dude is currently wearing an ankle monitor in the wake of a car crash he caused back in February, and apparently Taylor wouldn't stay sober with him. “She promised to stop drinking because he can’t drink with his ankle monitor on and then she didn’t live up to her word," the source claims. "She kept drinking and going out.”

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and the source says that “I’ve also heard she dumped him because he’s still the same immature loser he has always been."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like a reconciliation is in order, and apparently Adam is already "hanging out" with a new girl, while Taylor "seems upset." Meanwhile, the couple's daughter, Paislee, is splitting time between both parents.

Do you think Adam and Taylor will get back together and make their relationship work for the sake of their daughter, or is this Chelsea and Adam all over again? Let us know below!