Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Celebrate Paislee’s 5-Month Birthday!
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Celebrate Paislee’s 5-Month Birthday!

Sigh, time flies when you're popping out love children, right guys? We can hardly believe that it's been a whopping five months since Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind and his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world, and Paislee Mae is growing up right before our eyes! This sweet kiddo is one lucky lady (who wouldn't want Adam to be their dad?), and her proud momma took it to Instagram to celebrate her 5-month birthday with fans.

"This little gem is 5 months old today," Taylor posted along with a sweet picture collage of Paislee's most fabulous moments. "The love I have for this little girl is unexplainable and so unconditional. She is my life and my rock. I wouldn't wish my life any other way."


There's no doubt that Paislee's unexpected arrival was met with shock in Teen Mom Land (many fans were hoping Adam and his OG baby mama, Chelsea Houska, would get back together), but the world is definitely a better place with her in it. We can't wait to see this little lady in action during Teen Mom 2's fifth season, and who knows? Maybe her good natured attitude and angelic little face will bring Adam, Chelsea, Taylor and Aubree together as one big, happy, blended family.

A fangirl can dream, can't she?!

Source: Instagram