Adam Lind Being Uncooperative, Rude Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ — Report
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Adam Lind

Adam Lind Being Uncooperative, Rude Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ — Report


We were pretty much convinced Adam Lind would be a no-show for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, since he made it clear at the Season 7 reunion he wanted out.

Plus, Chelsea Houska’s ex was noticeably MIA from this on-set photo of the dads:

But turns out everybody’s favorite bad boy baby daddy will in fact return — and he’s already reportedly causing drama during production!

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A source close to MTV says Adam was spotted filming with the camera crew at one of Aubree’s recent softball games, and was basically causing a scene the entire time.

It's that time of year again!

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“He attended that game with his fiancée, Stasia Huber and daughter Paislee, and basically the whole time just whined that whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad,” the source tells The Ashley.

“The producer tried to assure Adam that wasn’t true, but he still caused quite the scene. Stasia was basically just standing there, silent, the whole time. She looked really uncomfortable.”

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And remember that whole stink the dad of two made about how he wouldn’t be resigning his contract because “the money is not even worth” the filming anymore?

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Turns out there was no contract negotiation needed anyway, since the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 will be considered Season 7B, rather than Season 8, so nobody is getting a pay increase.

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This sucks for the aspiring personal trainer, though, since apparently if he keeps complaining about filming and refusing to do his part, MTV can withhold the money from him and claim he’s breaching the contract.

Dat shirt though @dippedinmuscle

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But now with the new episodes breaking down the fourth wall for the first time ever, we’ll likely get to see his angry rants on-screen, rather than have to wait until the end-of-season reunion show. You’re welcome, Dr. Drew.

Is it selfish that we’re excited to watch this?

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