Adam Lind’s Pregnant Girlfriend Taylor Halbur Is Past Her Due Date!
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Adam Lind’s Pregnant Girlfriend Taylor Halbur Is Past Her Due Date!

It's T-minus zero days until Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind (aka Chelsea Houska's baby daddy) becomes a father for round two! Think hunk has once again proven how virile he is by knocking up his gorgeous girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, who could be giving birth to their kiddo literally any day now.

Taylor and Adam are expecting a daughter named Paislee (that's right, Aubree's going to be a big sis!), and Taylor has officially gone past her due date.

"C'mon little lady. Today is supposed to be your day!" Tay tweeted on August 27. "Make it happen!"

Wow, can you believe Taylor is already 40 weeks pregnant? She must be desperate to go into labor! The good news? Most doctors don't let women go more than two weeks past their due date, and it looks like Taylor will be induced in just a few days. When a friend told Taylor to "tell that baby to come out today," Taylor responded "she's supposed to! But if she decides not too she'll be forced out on the 3rd!! Lol."

If Taylor ends up being induced, she'll likely be given Pitocin — a drug that brings on contractions. However, Pitocin can make labor more painful, so hopefully it won't come to that!

By the way, we'd like to issue the following PSA to Adam Lind's facial hair: Your second child is going to be born any second now. Please don't let an unruly chintee be the first thing this precious angel sees in life.

08.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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