Mackenzie Douthit Admits She Does WHAT to Feel Skinnier?
Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram    

Mackenzie Douthit

Mackenzie Douthit Admits She Does WHAT to Feel Skinnier?

Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is blowing our minds with her post-baby body. This girl barely gave four months ago, and she's already back to her pre-baby weight –– in fact, she's even skinnier than she was before she got knocked up for round two!

Mackenzie's enviable physique comes to her naturally, thanks to a combination of working out (girlfriend's a professional cheerleader) and healthy eating (she also happens to be a diabetic). So of course fans are dying to know how they can look as good as she does. Well, y'all are in luck! Mackenzie is finally sharing her secret to staying skinny.

"Ladies if you wanna feel skinnier, feed your husband ALOT of junk food," she shared via Twitter. "They never say no. Than[sic] they get fat and you feel skinnier ; )"

Wise words, Mackenzie, wise words. Of course, you have to have a husband for this plan to work (which could be a problem for some people), but you could always just feed your fleet of cats junk food and feel better about yourself while they fatten up. Or you could pull a Mean Girls and secretly feed your friends sugary "health" bars –– whatever floats your boat.

In other news, Mackenzie's plan might not actually be working. Have you seen the recent photo of Josh she posted to social media? His muscles, guys!