Which Bachelorette Just Admitted Going Topless in Vegas?!
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Which Bachelorette Just Admitted Going Topless in Vegas?!

You know what they say about Vegas: What happens there will probably be gawked about for years by the people who secretly took pictures of your carefree (and doubtless superb) choices. And while we don’t have pictures to show off a certain Bachelorette’s incredible physique, someone has a mental shot of her stored in his head — topless.

Which Bachelorette Just Admitted Going Topless in Vegas?!
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Who and what are we jabbering on about? Jillian Harris, of course. The super hot, always sassy, oft-nakey Canadian with an enviable physique just recently showed the world the, ahem, riches, she and gorgeous boyfriend Justin Pasutto are sitting on (hint: naked bums). So, it should come as no surprise that Jilly is way confident enough to show off her ta-tas when the occasion calls for it.

In an interview with Lunch With the Ladies for the blog’s “Coffee & Conversation” section, Jilly was asked about hitting up Vegas, and whether or not the Season 5 Bachelorette had any juicy stories to share. Although she played it pretty coy, Jillian did admit that she’s let loose in the past. But before you go thinking she went topless at some seedy bar, or got wild at a club (as people do), Jill’s peep show was more lounge chair than stripper pole.

Actually I have always been pretty well behaved in Vegas, other than a day at the Ceasar’s topless pool with the girls – I have managed to stay pretty tame in Sin City!” Ooh, girl. We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not there there, but in comparison to some of the stories that have “stayed in Vegas,” we’re pretty sure that’s as tame as they come.

Are you surprised Jillian stripped down in the City of Sin?

Source: Lunch With the Ladies

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