Did Brandi Glanville Adopt a New Puppy? Cute Photo Alert!
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Brandi Glanville

Did Brandi Glanville Adopt a New Puppy? Cute Photo Alert!

It's no secret that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is a serious dog lover. So did she just add a new pooch to her family?

A major storyline on the ongoing Season 4 of the show has been Brandi's dog Chica going missing while Brandi and her pals were in Palm Springs. Brandi and her friends searched the neighborhood for Chica, but alas, the beloved dog was never found. Brandi and her sons got a new dog, Chody, as a replacement in June 2013.

But did Brandi just add a new dog to the family? Not quite, although she was quick to post a photo of herself hanging out with a dog that her assistant recently found.

"Omg @ShannonMcCourt my sweet little helper just brought over the cutest puppy she saved from a homeless man !!!" Brandi tweets. "Can I have 3 dogs??"

"How can I not keep her?" Brandi captions the photo of the adorable canine next to someone's feet.

Is this not the cutest dog ever? We wouldn't blame Brandi if she and her boys decided to keep this adorable little pooch!

Do you think Brandi will keep the dog that her assistant found?

Source: Brandi on Twitter