Guess Who?

This Adorable Tot Grew Up To Be a Suave Reality Star — Who Is It?

OMG those cheeks! And, those cute little ears that will one day have gauges in them. This adorable tot grew up to be an equally adorable 30-year-old who we just recently met on a reality dating show. We fell in lust with him for his hawtness, and then we fell in love with him for the twinkle in his eyes that says he knows how to show us a fun time.

We didn’t get to hang with this Denverite for long, but in our short stint with him he wowed us with his worldliness, his language skills, and his ability to throw plates. He also impressed us with how he handled viewer disappointment that his screentime got unexpectedly cut short.

While we aren’t going to get to see him propose any time soon, he does know his way around a wedding, as coordinating them is his day job when he’s not making us swoon. Think you got this one pegged? Click through and check yo self.