Real Housewives of Miami’s Adriana de Moura: I Was a Bridezilla – Exclusive!

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Real Housewives of Miami’s Adriana de Moura: I Was a Bridezilla – Exclusive!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Now imagine planning a set of nuptials that’s not only being filmed for national television, but requires intricate costumes for the bride, groom, entire wedding party and the guests. We’re anxious just thinking about it.

So we totally understand why our favorite hot-blooded Brazilian, Adriana de Moura from The Real Housewives of Miami, admitted she was a bit tough to deal with when planning her nuptials to longtime beau Frederic Marc in a to-die-for 1920’s-themed celebration. Their big day will air on season three of RHOM, which is set to kick off on August 12 at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo. But in a recent conversation with Wetpaint Entertainment, she slipped us some exclusive ‘I Do’ details. Here’s what she had to say.

Wetpaint Entertainment: First of all, you and Frederic have been together – off and on – for over five years. Does it feel different to finally be married?

Adriana: It does believe it or not. We had so many ups and downs – is it going to last, is it not going to last? Years ago, we were going to get married, but he called the wedding off because my son started freaking out, which made me freak out. It was a roller coaster. Now, everything is good, it’s done.

He told me, when he saw me walking down the aisle, that something inside him changed. For me, too. Now I’m proud to say I’m his wife. The doubt is gone.

What were you like during the wedding planning stages?

Oh, I was a major Bridezilla. I’m very detailed oriented. As an art dealer, I have a very trained eye. I need everything to be super perfect. I had a theme wedding as well, so it was complicated putting it all together. But when I saw the final result – from the way my dress turned out, to the way Frederick was dressed, to the way my son looked and all the guests - it all came together perfectly.

Can you spill any wedding secrets we might not know about yet?

Everyone did two changes – everyone. The first part was all white. Everybody wore white because I really wanted that sense of purity, harmony and positivity. And the fact that I wasn’t wearing white – that my dress was dove grey - created something different because usually it’s the bride in white. And it worked beautifully.

After the ceremony, everyone had to change into a full roaring 20’s look.  I was very specific in my invitation – it came with a mood board! It was the same time the Great Gatsby movie came out. It wasn’t planned that way but it was nice because people were really excited about the time period. But they had work to do – they had to put their own look together!

You already have a son of your own. Now that you’re married, though, do you think you and Frederic will have a child of your own?

Frederick doesn’t want it and I’m too old for it. My life is in a different place. So no, I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’re very happy with the way things are now.