Adriana De Moura: Joanna Krupa Has Become Lea Black’s “New Mouthpiece”
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Adriana De Moura: Joanna Krupa Has Become Lea Black’s “New Mouthpiece”

The battle about Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana De Moura's marriage license continues. Adriana says she can't understand why Lea Black whom she was once so close to doesn't have her back on this issue.

"It is very upsetting to have a friend turn on you, a person you loved like a sister using everything and anything to punish you," Adriana writes in her Bravo blog about Lea. "I feel like I can never win with Lea, I've tried explaining to her that that we didn't disclose having the marriage license to ANYONE, not even our parents! I wasn't hurting her, this was not about her! That was my journey as a woman and as a mother."

"She continues to punish me and expects me to take it quietly like I always did in the past when she humiliated me and belittled me," Adriana continues. "The bottom line is, she is angry at Ana for what she said about her and she needs to take it out on someone and I'm the victim of choice! Why so much outrage? What are the ulterior motives for this obsession with my marriage license?"

Adriana doesn't appreciate that Lea and Joanna Krupa seem to be teaming up against her. "Also, she seems to be using Joanna as her new mouthpiece, because who carries a copy of my wedding license in her purse for a girl's night out?!" she says. "That is quite disturbing actually. And then she says she doesn't talk about people behind their back? The minute I walked into that club, I saw her whispering to Joanna already, and later what was she doing outside the restaurant exactly?"

"She then tells Lisa [Hochstein] I came into her house and attacked her?" Adriana writes. "Really? Let's go back to Episode 1 where she refused to come to Lisa's group gathering and later SUMMONED me into her presence ALONE, to be in trial by the great justice Lea. I came in good faith and left with a good whipping! But I should have known better, because I already knew that when Lea gets angry, someone gets punished."

Note to self: We apparently should stop carrying all of our friends' marriage licenses in our purse with us. Duly noted.

Source: Adriana's Bravo blog